True Colorz Banner

True Colorz is a web space dedicated exclusively to Young Adult LGBTQ literature. TC was started by a group of authors and readers who recognized the need for a site which exclusively features YA books and their authors.”

Learn Spanish

“Want to learn Spanish? 123 TeachMe is there to help you in more ways than one, offering free Spanish lessons, a verb conjugator, and other resources to learn Spanish online at no cost.”

 photo f7c3c737-0764-4a66-aa83-2889debce868_zps0bb77343.jpg

“My good friend’s website (Carlitos!). If you’re ever in need a plastic artist, he’s your man!”

“Generation Alpha is a webcomic about a group of people who seemingly wake up one day and find themselves with superhuman abilities. None of them remember where they got them or what has happened in the last few days. They will soon find out they are not the only ones with superpowers, and not everyone is interested in using them for good. Created by Chilean artist, Tomas Leiva!”


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