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A BIG thank you to every single person who has read and reviewed my novel. It means a lot to me.


4.0 out of 5 stars Fun, Sci-Fi Coming Out Story April 28, 2013

The Gene Pull is an honest exploration of the pros and cons of coming out, with a sci-fi twist. Geared toward young adults, this short (180 pages) novel follows 16-year-old Noah Fletcher through a small window of his coming of age, including his coming out process. Noah is met with varying levels of acceptance from family, friends, and school peers when they learn that he is gay. LGBT teens will especially appreciate the recognition of the challenges that many face when they come out, especially bullying from peers. On top of handling the stress of coming out, Noah is also plagued with a superhuman power that pits an alien race against him. As Noah learns to handle both situations, the novel expresses an obvious “It Gets Better” theme that all young teens can relate to and gain hope from.” -Gina


5.0 out of 5 stars The Gene Pull by Benjamin Shepard Quinones May 24, 2013

“The Gene Pull by Benjamin Shepard Quinones is a young adult gay Sci-fi story.
Noah has always felt like his life was a lie because he felt he had to hide his sexuality. His mother knows and loves him, but he wants to tell his best friend Chris. They have been friends for as long as he can remember, so he will definitely understand right? The conversation ends with Noah awakening naked in a corn field with Chris who hits him and threatens him before he takes off. Noah is shocked when Candy, a cheerleader, not only approaches him, the school pariah, and talks him out of confronting Chris saving him from another beating. Chris ditches soccer practice and is stunned when he learns that he understands what all the animals are saying. The surprises keep coming when Candy isn’t shocked by Noah’s abilities because she has one of her own! On top of all the problems Noah is facing, he learns from Candy that aliens a searching for them and if they want to survive they will have to band together with Chris as they begin of their lives. Will they be strong enough to save themselves and the world?
This was a fast paced story with many different twists that kept the reader riveted from the very beginning. It was terrible how Chris reacted when Noah told him he was gay, but when Chris outed him at school Noah didn’t think their friendship could ever recover. The way many people at school mistreated Noah was horrible, but it was unacceptable that the teachers or school administration didn’t stop them. The visual descriptions of the aliens and their abilities brought them to life. It was fascinating how Cindy, Noah and Chris began to trust each other as they fought against what seemed like overwhelming odds. I was inspired by the way Chris, Candy, and Noah overcame their differences and learned that friendship is worth fighting for.” -Teresa

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